RV Tips: Dewinterize Your RV Today!

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If you haven’t gotten your new or used RV out of storage for your spring camping trips, what are you waiting for? Dewinterizing your RV is easy and we can help. Check out our RV tips below!

RV Tips

Charge the Battery

First things first: charging your RV’s battery. MAKE SURE the battery charger is off before connecting it to your RV’s battery. Adjust voltage settings to the correct level before turning it on and letting the battery start its charge.

System Flush

Give your RV’s system a fresh water flush. Connect your garden hose to the RV’s water hookup. Then open all faucets in your RV – including the shower – and turn on the hose. Let the faucets run until the water runs clear – about 10 minutes.  Next, flush the RV toilet(s) to clear any antifreeze while the system is being flushed.  

Remount the LP Tanks

Remount your propane tanks on the tank mounts. Then reattach the propane hoses (check your RV’s owner manual for specific instructions). Check the propane lines for any leaks at this time. Any damage, cracks, or leaks need immediate repair, so contact our RV service department to schedule an appointment. While we have your RV, we can also take care of other maintenance and service tasks such as the following:

  • Oil and air filter changes
  • Tire pressure checked and corrected
  • Grey/black/freshwater tanks prepped

A Clean Sweep

You’re almost done! All that’s left is a tidy and freshen up. These tasks include:

  • Restock essentials (batteries, toilet paper, etc.)
  • Put fresh linens down: clean bedsheets on the mattresses and a stack of fresh towels in the bathroom
  • Wipe down surfaces and windows
  • Sweep the floors
  • On a day with a good breeze and lots of sunshine, throw open the windows and let the fresh air sweep out that “storage” smell.

If you have more questions about dewinterizing your new or used RV – or shopping for one affordably! – contact us today. We’d love to help!