RV Maintenance Tips to Keep Your RV Roadtrip-Ready

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Are you ready to hitch up your new or used RV and hit the road for some spring camping trips? We don’t blame you! Check out our RV maintenance tips for some hot tips on making sure your RV is ready for a road trip anytime you are.

Routine Checks

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” as the saying goes. When you take care of the small things routinely, it helps prevent avoidable damage and costly repairs down the road. Before setting out for any road trip, always do a quick once-over on your RV. Check for cracks in your tires, the wear & tear on the tread, and the tire pressure.

RV Maintenance Tips

Clear off your RV’s roof, sweeping away any buildup of leaves and branches. Finally, check under the hood of whatever you’re driving (your motorhome or towing vehicle) for any leaks and make sure all fluid levels are at the right level.

Make Your RV a Home

Your RV is your home on wheels – so treat it with care! Take basic cleaning supplies with you to help the interior of your RV stay in good condition. Make sure to pack a broom/dust mop or cordless vacuum to keep the floors clear, especially on days when you’ve been out hiking and may track in mud.

RV Maintenance Tips

Give your RV kitchen oven a gentle clean after each trip – it’s easy to let an oven build up with baked overflow drippings, but that buildup over time is gross. Especially if you go for weeks at a time between trips.  Same for your RV’s fridge and microwave! A quick wipe-out after each trip will help keep your RV appliances in good, clean, odor-free condition.

Once a Month

Other easy things you can do once a month to help keep your RV in great condition is to check the RV roof, sides, and seals for any cracks and repair anything you find. It will always be more economical to make small repairs than large ones. Resealing any cracks can help prevent water and insect/pest damage. Lubricating all slides is another monthly RV maintenance task that will help keep your RV in great shape. Ask our RV parts and accessory store for advice on the perfect lubricant for your RV!

RV Tips

We also understand that as RV maintenance gets more complicated or involved, the easier it is to let someone else do it for you. Our RV service technicians can help with any RV maintenance needs you may have, so you can get on the road quickly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!