RV Tips: Scheduling Your RV Service Checks

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Time flies when you’re having fun – especially in a new or used RV! Don’t let overdue RV service checks put a damper on your vacation. Preventative upkeep is always less expensive than costly repairs, so do your future self a favor by taking care of your RV today! Follow our RV tips and RV service schedule below to keep your RV in road-ready condition.

RV Tips

On the Road Again

Let’s talk about the things that need to happen every time you set out for a road trip. These things are small and quick, but staying on top of it will improve your drive. Make sure to check the following before each and every road trip:

  • Check roof for build up of any debris like small branches, leaves, animal droppings, etc. Clear and sweep it off!
  • Check under the hood (for motorhomes) for leaks, fluid levels, and to make sure all hoses are connected. If you haul your RV, check under the hood of your towing vehicle.
  • Check tire pressure, look for cracks and wear & tear. Make repairs as needed.
RV Tips

Monthly Maintenance

  • Check the roofs, seals, sides, etc. for cracks and repair immediately. Even hairline cracks in seals can lead to significant water damage, and pests and insects can get in other cracks and do same internal damage as well.
  • Clean A/C: clean the intake, filters, and vents, replacing filters if needed. Note: this is really only needed during the warmer months when you use your A/C.
  • Lubricate all slides.

Every Six Months

A few tasks need to be taken care of twice a year, and we can help! Schedule these twice a year RV service checks:

  • Fluids & filters check/change. Change the oil every 3,000 miles; depending on how much you travel, this may need to be a quarterly task.
  • Lubrication of hinges, hitches, and jacks.

Annual Services

These tasks need to be done once a year to keep your RV in pristine condition:

  • Brakes serviced
  • Exterior resealing (if needed)
  • Propane inspection
  • Water system flushed and cleaned
  • Winterization and dewinterization

The more involved the task, the more you may not want to deal with it. Good news – we can do the job for you! Our skilled RV service technicians work year-round to provide you with exceptional service, so that you can keeping your RVing costs down. Contact us today to schedule your RV service appointment!