4 RV Tips for Fall Camping in Colorado

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Fall is the most beautiful time of year to head out for a camping trip in your new or used RV – and Colorado is no exception! This beautiful state is full of stunning, memorable places to visit. Take a look at our RV tips for fall camping in Colorado below so you can have a fun, cozy camping trip!

RV Tips

Let the Forecast Be Your Guide

If there’s one consistent thing about fall weather, it’s the inconsistency! Don’t let fluctuating weather be the downfall of your camping trip. You’ll want to pack a mix of clothing in order to stay comfortable – including base layers that can wick moisture away, fleece or wool sweaters or jackets, a weather-resistant jacket, and lots and lots of extra socks. Having a spare pair of weather resistant boots or shoes is also a plus, and don’t forget ear warmers/headbands or warm caps and rain ponchos to throw on if the weather is chilly or raining.

Yes, this ultimately means you’re packing more, but it doesn’t have to mean you’re packing excessively. Basically, you want enough clothing on hand to have a spare set if you need to lay damp items out to dry. Or, better yet, take a look at some of our RVs with a washer/dryer set up so you can pack less and just run a load of laundry when needed – or throw damp items in for a quick tumble dry!

Bring Extra Fuel

At this time of year, my family turns to the slow cooker for the majority of dinner meals. It’s so nice to just throw all ingredients into one pot, turn it on, and walk away! If you prefer using your oven, cooktop, or outdoor griddle – or any appliance requiring propane, plan to bring extra, top off your propane, or increase the size of your propane tanks before heading out on the road. Cooking cold ingredients on a cold day can take longer to bring to temperature, so you might end up using more fuel than you would, say, on a hot day in July.

Respect Wildlife – and Leave No Trace

Another thing that makes autumn an amazing time of year is that a lot of wildlife is on the move – and maybe even in mating rituals. This is not your invitation to get closer to wildlife! Observe from a safe distance, never approach, and take care to respect both the wildlife and their ecosystem by following the Leave No Trace principles. Don’t leave food out, make sure to discard wrappers and other garbage in appropriate locations, and leave the area as undisturbed as possible. This is an easy way to help maintain the gorgeous landscape – and its inhabitants – for generations to come.

RV Service

There’s never a good time for a roadside breakdown, but especially not when the weather is chilly and damp. One way to prevent breakdowns is by keeping your new or used RV in road-ready condition with regular RV service and maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!