Get Ready For RV Summer Fun

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With the pandemic in the rearview mirror, people are more excited than ever to hit the road and make memories with their families. After a year in quarantine the idea of getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors has never been more tempting. But preparing for RV summer fun takes a little bit of preparation.

summer fun

Plan Ahead

Although mask mandates and capacity limits have been lifted for many areas, it’s important that you stay in the know and avoid disappointments. Plan your trip as much as possible and call ahead to make sure you know what the rules are that you might be held to. Don’t just rely on websites, as they can often be outdated.

Call Early For Outdoor Activities

summer fun

Outdoor activities are an important part of making the most of your RV trip. And because this RV season is going to be much busier because people missed out on many trips the year prior, you’ll want to ensure you plan your outdoor activities ahead of time. Places like Yellowstone and other national parks are sure to be even more packed than they are in a typical year and you don’t want to arrive at a destination only to be disappointed.

Perform Basic Maintenance

The best way to keep your RV in tip top shape is by performing basic RV maintenance. This means you’ll want to winterize it in the winter and de-winterize it during the summer. Once that’s done you should give your RV a good and thorough cleaning and perform a basic inspection. This includes looking for any issues like poorly sealed trim, cracks, or damage caused from ice over the winter.

If you seals on your slides or windows are damaged then you’ll likely encounter leaks that lead to expensive repairs down the line.

Additional basic maintenance includes making sure your black, grey, and white tanks are all sanitized and drained. Your white tank will be filler with fresh water for use for drinking once it has been dewinterized.

If you’re in the market for a new RV to enjoy this summer or need help maintaining your RV, look no further than our RV service team. Contact us and we can help you ensure your RV is cared for properly.