No Fail Crab Quiche

Aunt Vera's No Fail Crab Quiche

One of the highlights of our RV travels has always been going to Half Moon Bay to see my Aunt Vera and indulge in her fantastic crab quiche. ¬†Half Moon Bay is one of the many locations up and down … Continued

Best Ever Crab Cakes


For the best ever crab cakes, Andrew Zimmern* has a recipe that he swears by – but as with most good things, you have to start with¬†quality ingredients. If you live where crabs are plentiful, lucky you! This recipe uses … Continued

Potato Chip Chocolate Pie

Potato Chip Chocolate Pie

This Potato Chip Chocolate Pie is the perfect thing for National Potato Chip Month. And, for a double celebration, it’s also Pi Day! Easy to make and tastes great! If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making … Continued