Planning Your Next RV Trip

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COVID-19 has changed our lives. There’s no doubt about it. But in all the turmoil, we’re seeing happy, positive things. Families are spending time together. Communities are banding together. People are slowing down. It’s something us RVers have had the pleasure of enjoying for years. We know how important it is to get away and unplug.

When all of this blows over, we know that you’ll be itching to get out and reconnect with nature. We’re excited for you to do that! Here are some tips to make planning your next RV trip a little easier.

Reno Shamrock

Join Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook RVing groups out there. Join them and engage with other RVers during this time. Ask people what their favorite trips were and where they’re planning to go. Even more fun, ask people to share pictures of their camping set up and favorite destinations. There’s nothing like a little sharing to feel like isolated and get excited for fun.

Talk With The Family

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With everyone spending a lot of time together, now is a great time to try planning your trip as a family. Instead of the responsibilities falling just on you, get the whole family involved. Assign tasks to various members like choosing a day’s activities, finding a campground, etc. This will help everyone feel connected to the trip and excited for it.

Don’t Focus on Exact Dates

A lot is up in the air right now. We aren’t quite sure when everything will pass. Instead of focusing on exact dates, shoot for a timeframe a little later in the summer and put together lists of what you would want to do in each season. This will allow you to have planned for most scenarios and will only require you to officially book once we get the clear from the CDC.

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