RV Tips Every Family Needs to Read

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RVing is literally the best way to travel if you have kids. It offers flexibility, fun, and affordability. When you choose to RV as a family you are no longer beholden to travel schedules, lost luggage, airplane regulations, and everything else that comes with planning a vacation. Instead, you have the freedom and flexibility to travel when you want, how you want, and as you want. With a full kitchen at your fingertips you can accommodate your family’s dietary needs. And with plenty of sleeping space everyone can get much needed rest when they need it.

But traveling with kids still requires some planning. Thankfully, these RV tips will help you navigate traveling with young kids and make the process even easier.


Pack a Sound Machine

If you’ve never used a sound machine, when you’re traveling is the time to do so. RV parks can be quite noisy during busy months. And because young kids tend to have bedtimes that are earlier than most campground’s quiet time hours it’s important you use a sound machine to drown out the noise. You might even find that you and your spouse enjoy sleeping with one on too!

Bring Blackout Curtains

2020 lance travel trailer review bedroom

Blackout curtains are an important part of you getting the best sleep possible. By using blackouts you have the chance to block any little bit of light that could disturb your’s or your baby’s sleep. The longer sleep everyone gets the happier everyone will be while out adventuring.

Keep a Schedule

Keeping a schedule might seem counteractive to vacation, but the truth is people thrive off vacations. That doesn’t mean that you have to do the same thing every day, but ensuring wake, nap, and bedtimes are scheduled within 15 minutes of the same time each day will make your life easier. It also helps to make transitioning out of vacation mode easier.

If you’re interested in learning more about our selection of new and used RVs for sale, or have questions about RVing, contact us. We’ll help you find the right floorplan for your needs and ensure you’ve got the information needed to make the best decision for your family. We can also assist with RV financing, so finding your dream RV is easier than ever.