4 RV Tips for Camping with Pets

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Do you enjoy spending time with your fur baby on your outdoor adventures? We can help make it easy to camp in your new or used RV with everyone in the family – including your pup. Check out our RV tips for camping with pets below!

Vet Check

Your vet can give you recommendations for helping ease traveling anxiety or an upset tummy for your doggo. While many dogs love a trip in the car, it can bring on nervousness or anxiety for others. Calm the nerves and the stomach with the recommendations from your vet.

Camping with Pets

Also, if your pet isn’t microchipped, consider having this done now. Microchipped pets experience much higher rates of being reunited with their humans in the event of separation. Don’t risk the heartache!

You also probably have tons of photos of your doggo on your phone, but make sure you have some recent ones – this can also help in the event of separation. Photos should be clear, with no blurry movement, in good lighting, and from several angles.

Policy Check

Check your campground’s policies rules well in advance – if they’re not listed on the website, ask! Making sure you’re aware of pet policies can help avoid frustration or disappointment. Make sure you are clear on their policies regarding pet waste removal, noise ordinances, and leash policies.

Camping with Pets

Campgrounds can and do reserve the right to ask patrons to leave if they fail to honor posted rules. Take an honest look at your dog’s temperament. If they’re not comfortable with children, don’t park your RV near the camp playground. If your dog tends to be a yip-yapper, don’t stay at a place with strict noise ordinances. Know the rules ahead of time and commit to following them. Everyone’s camping experience will be happier that way!

Bag Check

Pack a bag for your fur baby, too! Besides a leash, food, and treats, you’ll want to bring any medications they take, waste removal bags, a few of their favorite toys, and a pet first aid kid (ask your vet for recommendations on this)

Camping with Pets

Everyone in the family needs a bag packed for vacation, and this includes your fur baby. Food and treats are the essentials, but other must-haves are any meds they’re taking, their favorite toy, a leash, pet waste removal bags, and a pet first aid kit. On hot days, fill your pup’s water dish with ice before topping it off with water and placing it in the shade. It’ll slowly melt and give your dog a cool, refreshing drink.

Camping with Pets

RV Check

We sell new and used RVs for families of all kinds – including pet-friendly RVs! Stop in or contact us today to ask about models that have exterior leash hook ups or stowable pet feeding drawers. Happy trails!