Meet Josette Abeyta

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Josette Abeyta


Step into Josette’s office and one of the first things that will catch your eye is a sign that says “Because Nice matters”. It’s her motto and she lives it everyday – you won’t meet anyone nicer on our sales staff than Josette!


A native New Mexican, Josette was born in Las Vegas. She has 3 children, 5 grandchildren and is impatiently waiting for great-grandchildren. With the demanding schedule of RV sales, there’s not much time for relaxing but when she does – it’s lounging on the couch watching episodes of Drop Dead Fred. Days off are spent shopping or relaxing with family.


Traveling is on Josette’s bucket list, in particular Spain. We hope she knows that tacos (her favorite food) are not from Spain so she won’t be disappointed when traveling there. She swears that her roots are not blonde, but those who work with her will swear otherwise.


One thing you won’t forget is Josette’s twinkling brown eyes and million-watt smile! She describes herself as above all Honest, having a Big Heart, and Loyal. For nearly 8 years Josette has worked hard to make others happy. She admits that customers can be challenging but loves “helping folks find their dream trailer”.


Come in and meet Josette. If you want to make her smile, bring her some tacos!