Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up Trailers: 3 Features to Love

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For your next vacation, be sure to check out the Coachmen Clipper pop-up trailers for sale here at Rocky Mountain RV. These campers bring together comfort and towability to make every step of traveling easier and more enjoyable. Take a look at the top three features you and your family are sure to love:

Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up Trailer
Take a look inside our Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up Trailers!

1. Various Floorplans

The Coachmen Clipper comes in eleven different floorplans and in six different types: the Classic, Sport, LS Series, Express, Hard Side, and V-Trec. You will find models built for two and even have options that can fit up to seven people, so finding the perfect size for your family will be a breeze. With this many options, you never have to get more or less RV than you need.

2. Easy-To-Tow

Pop-up trailers are some of the easiests recreational vehicles to tow, and the Clipper is no different. The lightweight and aerodynamic design will create less wind resistance as well as less pull on your vehicle to increase your gas mileage and make you feel like you are not even towing. Plus, items like the electric brakes and the diamond plate front wall protection will help keep you and your RV safer on the road.

3. Premium Interior Comfort

Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up Trailer Interior
With lots of sizes available, get the perfect RV for your family.

Once the Clipper Pop-up is open, you will find lots of amenities to keep you and your family comfortable at the campground. With floorplans featuring full size to king size slides, all featuring Ultra Comfort 4” heated mattresses and the patent pending Glide-N-Lock bed system, you can get the perfect bed for a good night’s sleep in an easy to set-up package. You can even find models with a full kitchen, extra seating space, and plenty of storage solutions both on the inside and outside of the camper.

Our Coachmen Clipper pop-up trailers are the perfect blend of convenience and comfort. If you are ready to have the perfect RV to fit your family while still having all of the features you need, feel free to contact us or come down to our location today!