What Can Your RV Budget Buy?

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These 5th Wheels (one TT) are priced from 40k to 80k. What can your RV budget buy?


Why buy a fifth wheel? Some of the reasons include:


Interior Height Рmore headroom for taller folks

Interior Room – more square footage for living

They can be pulled with a crew cab truck

With the raised front, bedrooms and living rooms are more private

Easier to hitch and unhitch and tow better (less susceptible to wind and sway)

Easier to maneuver and park

They allow for a choice of gas or diesel tow vehicles

They allow a 4WD tow rig – use the vehicle for four-wheeling or back-country exploration once the trailer is unhooked.


The Selection

Payment Breakdowns

Payment illustrations are based on the ability to qualify for credit and your credit score. If you have a higher than average credit score,

your interest rate may be lower, resulting in a potentially lower payment.