Turn Your Pontoon Into a Camping Tent with Pontoon Enclosures

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If you own a pontoon, you know how much fun it is to cruise the lake and pull into a spot on the bank to spend the day – or night.  We used to do this and would take tents along for sleeping and a camp stove for cooking.  But take a look at these nifty pontoon enclosures!  You can turn your pontoon into a floating tent!  The best part is that a pontoon boat enclosure will protect you from many adverse weather conditions, like the sudden thunderstorms that tend to develop in New Mexico in the summer, and the windy conditions that sometimes keep you from enjoying a day on the lake in the springtime.

This has got to be one of the best ideas to come along yet!

pontoon tent enclosure



This Bass Buggy has a full enclosure with tent type windows.  There is a flap that you can roll up and have a screened window.

The enclosure is made to perfectly fit your pontoon.



open front of tent for pontoons




The enclosure has a zippered entry/front panel that can be completely removed but allow the rear part of the enclosure to remain in place.  This feature is great for getting out of the hot sun! If you own a Sun Tracker or any other mode of pontoon, we can get the right enclosure for your you. Just send us an email – service@rmrv.com



Other versatile designs we discovered are the half camper enclosures. If you have a pontoon by a different manufacturer, there is more than likely one made for your model. Contact us for information on your specific model.



This half enclosure is nice because it keeps the front of the pontoon open and accessible at all times.  There are models that have plastic windows so that you can see out all around the pontoon.



full pontoon tent enclosure





The full pontoon camper enclosure is nice for the times you want privacy all the way around.  It turns the pontoon into a house boat of sorts!




red pontoon enclosure



This pontoon boat playpen cover is used when your pontoon boat is moored, trailered or in storage. They usually come with several support poles so that the cover doesn’t collect rain.  Another great benefit is that it helps keep the deck cleaner!


If you want to add a pontoon enclosure to your Sun Tracker or other model – come see us!

We hope that you found this information helpful, and remember to stop by Rocky Mountain RV and Marine for all your RV and boating needs!