SylvanSport Go Go Folding Pop Up Camper Review: Compact Fun

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The SylvanSport Go Go folding pop up camper is an impressive, high quality RV that offers a comfortable place to rest after adventuring. One of the coolest things about this RV is how versatile it is. In fact, in our SylvanSport Go Go folding pop up camper review you’ll get a glimpse as to why this RV is perfect for active individuals seeking adventure.


sylvansport gogo
The Go Go folding pop up camper gives you the protection of an RV, while not losing the feeling of camping under the stars.


Comfortable Place to Sleep

sleeping area go go

One of the perks of the Go Go is that it boasts a completely waterproof tent system that gives you the feeling of camping outside, with the protection of the a waterproof tent. The bed platforms are insulated and come with four self inflating air mattresses that configure in a variety of ways, including a king and a half sized bed.

Unique Storage

storage sylvansport go go

Just because the Go Go is compact, doesn’t mean it skimps on storage. The rear storage compartment offers a space to bring along comfortable items. In fact, the Go can comfortably accommodate¬†six kayaks up¬†on top, or 6-8 bicycles with four on top and more inside.

Every aspect of the Go was designed to accommodate the adventurer.

Extreme Versatility



sylvansport go go
The Go Go is incredibly versatile, with the ability to break down into a trailer to tow toys like ATVs.

You know how they say to save the best for last? Well the best thing about the Go is that it breaks down to be a trailer that you can use to tow items like ATVs or dirt bikes.

If you’re interested in learning more about our selection of SylvanSport Go Go campers for sale, contact us. We’ll help you determine if this is the right option for you, answer any questions you have, and even help you with RV financing.