Must Have RVing Apps

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While you might be heading on your next road trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, chances are you won’t be leaving your phone at home. And why would you? Our smartphones help us stay connected to friends and family through photos, social media, and of course, traditional phone calls. One of the biggest perks of your smartphone is that you can actually use it to plan your RV trip. Check out these RVing apps that will make your time on the road that much easier.

TV Antenna Helper

tv antenna helper

TV Antenna Helped is a must have app for anyone who gets frustrated trying to find channels to watch on their RV’s TV. This app shows you nearby towers to point your antenna at so you get the best signal possible. Save yourself the headache of searching for channels when you get to your destination and easily find towers with this app. Just $1.99 on the app store.

Walmart Parking App

Walmart parking app

Many Walmart stores will allow you to park in their parking lot overnight at no cost. They offer this as safety feature for RVers and it helps bring business into their stores. This app gives you a list of stores around you that allow overnight parking and even lists their address and phone number so you can call to confirm.

Additional features:

  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • RedBox¬†finder

Gas Buddy

gas buddy logo

Even if you have a towable RV, like a fifth wheel or travel trailer, you’ll still want to shop around the for the best gas prices. After all, your tow vehicle will need gas. And whether you’re driving a large truck or a small crossover SUV, who doesn’t want to save money? Gas Buddy crowdsources the most recent gas prices for stations around you. Simply allow their GPS to pick up your location and you will get a listing of the most affordable gas stations, as well as the current price, right on your phone.

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