Meet Mary Bell

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She doesn’t look that mean does she? Mary Bell


When asked for 3 words to best describe herself Mary replied “I am mean! Per my boss and the manufacturers I am mean. Really I am not, I’m just trying my best to get everything covered under warranty for our customers!”


Mary Bell is far from mean – just ask anyone who knows her well and they will tell you that she is a teddy bear at heart. She joined our team 18 years ago, beginning in the detail department and working her way up to the Warranty Clerk where she gets to put her mean streak to work to our customer’s advantage!


Mary was named Employee of the Year for 2015 and says, “there is a lot of advancement here if you want to do the work.”


Family is what’s most important to Mary; the Bell family consists of husband Dave, who works in the service department, 2 sons, 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren. She’s originally from Rockland, Massachusetts but loves New Mexico the best of all the places she’s lived.


Mary is an avid reader who also likes puzzles. You can usually find her lost in a book at lunch time because it takes her away from reality for a short time. She wants to travel to a sunny island with a great beach and maybe go hang gliding while there – those are on her bucket list.


Rest assured that if Mary is working on your Warranty claim, it will be handled properly because she is Simply the Best at what she does!