Keystone Passport Expandable Review: Compact, Lightweight, and Comfy

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Expandables such as the Keystone Passport for sale here at Rocky Mountain RV are the perfect blend of comfortable and easy travel. With each of the four floorplans provided, you will have enough room for a family of any size as well as a design meant to reduce the stress of traveling. Let’s take a look at the top 3 features for the perfect RVing vacation in this Keystone Passport Expandable review.

Keystone Passport Expandable
Check out our Keystone Passport Expandables!

Easy Towing

Towing a recreational vehicle like a Passport expandable will be much easier than you may have imagined. The design is created to be in the ultra-lite category while still maintaining a high level of quality. The lightweight, compact frame will easily maneuver through traffic while at the same time provide better gas mileage to save you time and money. You’ll love its maximum efficiency design that is still packed with features!

Comfortable Sleeping Solutions

Keystone Passport Expandable Beds
With up to three queen size expandable sections, you’ll have room for everyone!

The innovative design of an expandable will be in the popout, expanded portions that provide large and comfortable sleeping space for all. Each model will feature two to three full queen size beds to allow for up to eight people to have a good night’s sleep every night. And since these areas will push in while traveling, they will not add to the length and size of the trailer for even easier travel.

Full At-Home Features

Keystone Passport Expandable Interior
The innovative design provides more space for every at-home amenity.

Once these expandable sections have been set up, you will have a lot of interior space to make room for all of the at-home amenities you need to be comfortable at the campground. Enjoy a full kitchen and full bathroom with some models even having a single, extra slide for that extra area perfect for a dinette table. You’ll always feel right at home in this Keystone Passport.

You’ll never have to choose between stress-free travel and comfort again when you own one of our Keystone Passport Expandables. To learn more about these amazing towables, contact us or come down to our location today!