Dark Sky Camping in New Mexico

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Dark Sky camping in New Mexico is easy – it’s home to 7 Gold and Silver-Tier Dark Sky Parks, as certified by the International Dark Sky Association. And there are many other areas of the state that are known for great sky watching too!

April is Global Astronomy Month. The stars and planets are best seen in a dark atmosphere and that’s what you can find in New Mexico! Towns are fairly spread out and many don’t have much in the way of city lights. Camping is a great way to see the stars! If you’re boondocking, it won’t be hard to find a location far away from the light sources.

One that’s a must do is the Cosmic Campground. Arrive in daylight for a 360-degree view of the setting sun. As darkness falls, planets and stars emerge. When it’s complete darkness, the Milky Way will crown the mountains of the Gila Wilderness, as well as the faint glow of distant galaxies. Cosmic Campground has a hard-surface observing area with four pads for telescopes, no artificial light for nearly 25 miles in any direction, and an exceptionally dark sky.

No matter which way you’re traveling across New Mexico, there’s probably a Dark Sky campground close by your route. Come and enjoy the fresh air, peace and quiet and dark skies of New Mexico!