Meet Derek White

Derek White

  From Alaskan bush, to the desert Southwest, Derek “Sparky” White migrated south and thankfully he stayed.   Derek is an RV technician, and a valuable asset to our Top Notch service department. And he is also a certified “motor … Continued

Meet Dave McMullen

Dave McMullen

     He checks every RV, to see if it’s “Naughty or Nice!” Pre-Delivery Inspector & Master Certified Technician Dave “Mac”     McMullen checks his list even better than Santa. (inside joke)    “Mac”, as everyone calls him, was … Continued

Meet Dave Bell

Dave Bell

Congratulations to the Employee of the Year, Dave Bell! Last year Dave was promoted to Service Shop Foreman and he did such an outstanding job that he was named Employee of the Year!   Dave says, “he’s proud to serve” … Continued

Meet Mary Bell

Mary Bell

She doesn’t look that mean does she?    When asked for 3 words to best describe herself Mary replied “I am mean! Per my boss and the manufacturers I am mean. Really I am not, I’m just trying my best to … Continued

Meet Augustine Aragon

Augie Aragon

Originally fro Oaxaca, Mexico – Augustine “Augie” Aragon says one of the top highlights of his life was becoming an American citizen. Others were his first parachute jump as a member of the United States Air Force and becoming a … Continued

Meet Glen Hess

Glen Hess

There’s a lot to be said about an uncomplicated man who loves his job and family – That’s Glen Hess. More than 10 years ago Glen joined our service department after having worked as an auto mechanic. Being very goal … Continued

Meet Josette Abeyta

Josette Abeyta

  Step into Josette’s office and one of the first things that will catch your eye is a sign that says “Because Nice matters”. It’s her motto and she lives it everyday – you won’t meet anyone nicer on our … Continued

Meet David Frow

Dave Frow

To say David Frow is mechanically inclined would be a gross understatement. Before making the switch to RV maintenance and joining our team 21 years ago, David operated & maintained an ore crusher at a copper mine near Golden, New … Continued