Bub’s Lazy Boy Poppers

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If you’re craving some jalapeño poppers but don’t feel like going through all the hassle, just do it Bub’s way! Bub’s Lazy Boy Poppers are quick and sure to solve that hunger! Could be the easiest recipe ever. The best part is that there will never be any undercooked pieces of bacon!



Just look at all that cheese! And you could make them more traditionally with cream cheese by putting a dollop on each one. But – since we didn’t have any cream cheese, this is what Bub came up with.

Bub's Lazy Boy Poppers



The top photo shows a batch of jalapeños that had turned red (too bad Bub doesn’t care for chipotles!). They jalapeños were cut in half, then seeded and deveined. If we hadn’t taken them out, they would have been inedible! These were grown in our yard and cross pollinated with a habañero and are very hot! You don’t have to go through this step if your chiles aren’t killers!

The chile halves are topped with a big chunk of bacon and topped with your choice of cheese or cheeses! Broil until the cheese is melted and runny. The chile halves will be done perfectly. Just Pop Them in Yo Mouth!!

We have been cooking an entire package of bacon just so we can have these whenever we want to. Going to make them with cream cheese next time- will put the cream cheese down first then the bacon and more cheese!!