Meet Evan Breeding

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Evan Breeding


If you’re looking for honest advice about camping, hunting or fishing – our new Sales Manager, Evan Breeding, will give you the skinny on it all. Just don’t ask him to play golf. Evan says that what he likes most about his job is “helping other people”, especially working with a sales associate to get their customer into their dream camper.


“The companies reputation” is what drew Evan to us and he was promoted to Sales Manager after 3 years and says he wouldn’t want any other job. “Understanding Josette” is his biggest challenge so far!


If you’re looking to work for “a honest, rock solid organization where you can grow” – come apply here! “You’re at a good outfit now” is what Evan would say to a new associate.


He is happiest when spending time with his wife Cathy at their cabin or playing catch in the yard. If given the chance he would like to be John Wayne for a day. That makes sense considering his personal mantra is “Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong. Right wins in the end Every Time”


His fondest desire is to go to Africa on safari to hunt Cape Buffalo. I wonder if he’s ever been close enough to one to smell it?


When you meet Evan, try to imagine him with waist long hair as a night club owner!